Barbell Shoulder Protective Pad

Barbell Shoulder Protective Pad

Soft, thick, high quality foam will not deform or lose shape after repeated use. Nylon surface won’t absorb moisture to add comfort & durability. Ergonomically designed neck groove helps to provide comfort and promote good form.

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Nylon + Foam


16”x3.5”(or customized), One Size Fits All




300 pcs/size

Barbell Shoulder Protective Pad


This is the upgraded multifunctional barbell pad for standard and Olympic barbells, suitable for a wide range of exercises such as hip thrusts, squats, bench presses and lunges. Offers shoulder and neck protection while exercising. Relieve extra and unnecessary stress on your neck, shoulders and hips, avoid pain or discomfort, prevents against possible injuries.

The interior is made of high-density foam approximately 1.5 inches (3.8cm) thick and resistant to deformation, the exterior is wrapped in comfortable faux leather and the lining is secured with push-pull Velcro. All this helps to protect your shoulders, neck and hips from the heavy pressure of the barbell, protecting yourself from bruising and reducing the risk of injury.

Barbell Pad’s Velcro allows you to simply slide over any bar for easy fit and easy removal, squat pad for weight bar fits easily on standard and Olympic barbells, and Smith machines.

The durable synthetic leather material does not absorb perspiration and does not accumulate odors over time. Moisture remains on the surface and is easily wiped off. In addition, the fine leather texture feels good against the skin, providing you with comfort during exercise.

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