Where to buy free weights?

If you are seeking Where to buy weights, here we have, at Leeton. We are one of the top OEM manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of many free weight sets, from dumbbells, barbells, to kettlebells and weight plates to trading companies and retailers across the globe.

In modern society, where health consciousness and fitness awareness are getting higher and higher, lifting free weight is deemed the optimal way to build muscle, burn calories, and get in shape. Free weights are versatile, functional, cost-effective, super-efficient, and they can eliminate the limitation caused by resistance machines.

In the vast world of free weights, if you’re looking for a place where to buy weights such as dumbbells, barbells, weight plates, kettlebells, etc.

The search is over!

Considering Leeton – top custom gym equipment manufacturer and wholesaler, our free weights for sale are globally qualified and come in a wide selection range.

What are free weights?

Free weights are basically any training load that is not connected to another apparatus or piece of gym equipment. The word “free” means that you can pick it up, move around, and do whatever you want with it.

Unlike machines, where the movement and you are fixed, free weights allow you to operate in any range of motion and at your own pace. This requires you to work against gravity on that object and use the stabilizing muscles to engage in the workout.
Common free weight equipment often used in gym such as dumbbells, kettlebell, barbells, etc.

Benefits of Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebell lifting has become a prevailing workout trend on fitness media. Additionally, they are great for home-trainers who have limited space and equipment. There are not many pieces of training equipment that can offer as many advantages as the kettlebell. They can be used for numerous exercises, including building muscles, burning fat, practicing flexibility and balancing, etc.

With the unique design, kettlebells can help you avoid one of your biggest concerns, namely “muscle bulk“. In fact, it shapes a lean, toned, and firm physique with a focus on building strength. They are also incredibly effective at working your core, lower back, glutes, etc., and by performing multi-joint exercises, you are actually burning your calories even faster.

Benefits of Dumbbell Workout

Dumbbells can be amazingly useful for workouts either at home or professional gym center.

They are considered the best free weight equipment, that is why from regular fitness trainers to professional athletes, everyone is using them. Additionally, dumbbells are relatively lightweight, inexpensive, and ideal for a wide range of exercises that people can do either at home or the gym center.

General benefits of dumbbell training:

  • boosting resting metabolic rate
  • protecting against injury
  • activating many different muscles, stimulating muscle growth and its strength.
  • improving both muscle force and flexibility
  • relative low cost and adaptability in comparison with machines.
  • little training space and storing required, etc.

Benefits of Barbell Workout

Though the size of a barbell is quite large compared to the dumbbell and kettlebell size, its advantages are indisputable.
A barbell is a form of resistance training, which using your muscles to move resistance, usually weights. Barbells allow you to move more weight than you could with a dumbbell because you have two hands on a fixed object. This makes it safer to learn new workouts, have a proper shape, and produce significant overall strength improvements.
Besides, barbell exercises will save your time. Instead of switching from machine to machine, you can be able to get a total body workout by doing direct lifts with barbells.

High quality

Our casting capability enables a variety of free weights for weight training production. All products are made of high-quality materials, professional technology, and are processed through multiple steps to achieve a great touching surface, pleasant holding feeling, tight tolerance. Significantly, all of our free weights are built to last a lifetime.

Cheap Price

It is our ambition to gain an even higher standing in the international marketplace. And to achieve this, outstanding product quality needs to go hand in hand with affordable prices.

During many years of casting gym equipment, all of our products are carefully considered for the appropriate materials and techniques. We also tend to limit the machining process to as much as possible to minimize the cost of output. Through doing so, the finished goods will achieve the most competitive quality and price.

Lifetime Warranty

Our free weights for sale are meticulously detailed by the technical team, from casting to finishing, to ensure customers with the finest quality. However, we understand that instilling trust in customers is of utmost importance; thus, lifetime warranties are provided on all free weights produced by our foundry.

Fast delivery

The express delivery service is also our forte. With a maximum capacity of 500 tons per month, we can guarantee to deliver 1 container of weight per week to meet your expectations and selling strategies.

Free weights are one of the core products of Leeton. Since developing this product line, we have gained huge supports and love from clients worldwide, and become the trustful place where to buy weights for the best price.

Commit to deliver the highest quality for every free weight set, we are constantly updating the newest trends as well as technology to serve the best.

If you are in need of free weight in bulk, dont hesitate to contact us to open a discussion.

All the best!

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